Types of Christians.

  • If we observe ,we shall notice there are several  types of Christians.So many of them  behave as worldly people.They sometimes go to church,smaller percent  every Sunday,they say they believe in Jesus,sometimes pray, but they live mostly as worldly people.Their preoccupations are in this world:business,what to eat ,drink,wear,how to survive,where to travel and have a more possible secure life.They love this worldly life.Some of them,although also  saying they believe in Jesus ,rarely  go to church or not at all,do not pray  and think sins are not so bad.God is good and He is not strict,so they shall be saved.But,this first group of people do not boast they are Christians.Because,they are not in real faith.In fact,some of them think the other religions are also good.They are Christians because of their inheritance.In smaller percent than this first group ,there are those who are(they are not aware of that) self righteous.They go to church,follow the rules,trying to obey commandments,they are strict,sometimes judgemental and consider themselves they do good job,they are better than others..But,they rely on their own righteousness. Sometimes they have more hardship than is it God´s will ,but they are attacked by devil..He attacks them on that area of  self righteousness. Opposition of these people(probably in the same percetange )are those who live in kind of radical Grace.They take Jesus for granted and the faith ,too.They believe there is no time of hardship,Jesus did all,we are blessed,we shall be saved for sure.God is Love,not Judge.We ,who have a faith in Jesus shall not be judged.Although they pray,go to church ,pray in tongues,celebrate Lord, they also can not realize they believe this way because they  want to be comfortable.The difference between these two groups is that first one can be troubled with hardtimes because they put on them more that is God´ s will and the other avoid hardtimes,since they think it is not also  the way how God is testing us and help us to grow.And they both boast they are Christians. Indeed,they are believers.Thus they  follow their old nature.,for the first group is  self righteous nature,for the second  group  is self pleasing nature,but the pride is obvious background for the both groups,it means they did not die to themselves yet.There is another group of believers,which is kind of mix of  both ways,since they also have not died to themselves. The smallest percentange of Christians live in Father´s will.And that is suppose to be our goal.They  are totally committed Christians,they died to themselves ,they are humble and obedient to God and they allowed Jesus to live through them,the way they emptied themselves.They are led by Holy Spirit and they stay in God ´s will .They are what Bible says ,Holy People.Unfortunately so few are willing.For most of us,believers,who boast about that,it is not hard to avoid the sin or to overcome evil one,but to die to ourselves.




    June 2012 - Path of Life

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