The Delightsome !!!

  • The Delightsome 1 CHRONICLES 8:33-40 “And Ner begat Kish, and Kish begat Saul, and Saul begat Jonathan, and Malchishua, and Abina dab, and Eshbaal. Andthe son of Jonathan was Meribbaal; and Meribbaal begat Micah” (1 Chronicles 8:33,34). A recent award of national honours in one African country drew criticisms. In the opinion of critics, government gave out the awards to individuals who did not deserve them. They insisted that some of those who were bestowed with the honours were not distinguished after all. According to them, underhand criteria other than hard work, integrity and patriotism were curiously employed to arrive at the choice of some of the awardees. Defending the government’s action, however the country’s leader explained that he was not part of the selection process but that the awards were Given out based on the recommendations of members of society. Unlike man, God does not make any mistake in His selection of those He rewards. He knows who merits what, and whenever He makes a choice of an instrument it is faultless. Although there were many descendants of Saul, Jonathan’s lineage was given prominence. While our text is silent on what became of Malchishua, Abinadab and Eshbaal, it picked out Jonathan and decided to name his sons. From our passage, Jonathan must have found favour in the sight of God. His noble role of preserving the life of David when his father desperately wanted to kill him (David) must have counted for him. As you go about your business today you need to reflect on things that please God and act honourably . The question then is, what would you be remembered for? God never forgets a man’s faithful service no matter the passage of time. He rewarded the faithfulness of Jonathan; he will do same for you if you are truly faithful.