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Trials and Tribulations -The Testing of Your Faith (Part 1)

  • Trials and Tribulations -The Testing of Your Faith


    This  topic is a very unpleasant one for many in the Body of Christ to talk about, much less ever fully accept in their walks with the Lord. Whether we like it or not, and whether we ever want to fully face up to this reality in this life, every single one us, saved or unsaved, will have to face a certain amount of trials and tribulations as we journey through this life – with absolutely no exceptions to this cold, hard, brutal fact.


    As a result of living in a fallen, cursed, and imperfect world as a result of what happened in thestory of Adam and Eve, every single one of us will have to face a certain amount of trials and tribulations as we journey through this earthly life.


    Many Christians have either lost part or all of their faith in the Lord as a result of getting hit with some severe torpedo shots. And unless you have a full understanding as to why God will sometimes allow bad things to happen to good people in this life, you can have your personal faith levels in the Lord shaken to its very core depending on the severity of the storm cloud that may have just struck you.


    The Bible tells us that God’s people can perish for having lack of knowledge – and not having the right kind of knowledge to fully understand why bad things can even happen to good people in this life, especially to Christians, can cause you to perish in your own personal relationship with the Lord if you ever end up losing your faith in Him as a result of not being able to fully understand why He may have allowed some severe adversity to hit you in the first place.


     I believe that you can learn how to keep some of the adversity that may strike you in this life away from you if you can learn how to properly plead the Blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection, ( this is another topic I will be posting at a later time, or you can find it now by going to ) along with learning how to walk with God’s anointing.


    The Bible tells us that we have to learn how to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ. If you can learn how to become a good soldier of Jesus Christ and learn how to walk with God’s anointing in your life, then you can either keep a lot of these storm clouds from ever hitting you in the first place, or you can quickly defeat them once they do come knocking at your door.


    However, as a result of living in this fallen and cursed world, even the best of God’s true soldiers will still have to face a certain amount of conflict and adversity in this life from time to time. There is simply no getting away from it. And until we get the New Heaven and the New Earth after the millennial rule of Jesus from the city of Jerusalem, the curse of Adam and Eve will still continue to stay in place on this earth, and as a result, we will all have to face a certain amount of storm clouds in this life – with no exceptions to this cold, hard, brutal fact and reality.


    What gets many Christians in trouble in this part of their walk with the Lord is not having a full understanding as to why this has to happen to them in the first place, especially since they are now born-again believers who are serving a God who is supposed to be all-good, all-loving, and all-merciful.


    The first question many Christians will ask when they are hit with any kind of a trial and tribulation is why?

    How can an all-good and an all-loving God allow me or someone else close to me get hit with such a severe trial or tragedy?

     How can God allow some of His own, especially the ones who are faithfully serving and following Him, get hit by something that at times will literally come right out of the pit of hell itself?


    If God is our true heavenly and loving Father who has nothing but our best interests at heart, then how can He allow some of the following kinds of torpedo shots to come our way in this life:


    • Your 16 year son has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has only been given another 6 months to live.
    • Your 25 year old marriage is now dissolving because your spouse is trading you in for someone else.
    • Your 18 year old daughter has just been raped and murdered.
    • Your 4 year old son has just been abducted and raped by a local pedophile.
    • You have just lost all of your life’s savings as a result of corporate fraud and greed in the company you have been working for most of your working life.
    • You have just lost three members of your immediate family in a fatal car crash or some kind of natural accident or disaster.
    • You yourself have been the victim of some kind of random and senseless crime such as rape, robbery, or assault.
    • You just happened to be born into an evil and dysfunctional family where the father will severely verbally and physically abuse you during part of your growing years in the family.


    I could go on and on with some of the severe adversity that can hit anyone of us at anytime. No one on this earth is perfectly safe and immune from all of the different kinds of storm clouds that can come our way in this life.


    When you really stop and think about this, and look back on some of the pure evil that a certain amount of people will have to face in this life, it is only natural to wonder how God Himself could allow some of these bad things to happen, especially to some of His own that have already been saved under the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ.


    How can God just sit up there and watch some of His own take these kinds of pure, evil, torpedo shots?If God is all-powerful, and there is nothing that He cannot do, and He sovereignly operates on this earth, then why doesn’t He protect more of His own from having to deal with some of these kinds of heavier trials and tribulations?


    I believe there are three main reasons as to why God Himself will “allow” a certain amount of adversity to come our way in this life. And unless you have a firm and solid grasp of these three basic reasons, you could find your own personal faith levels in the Lord being shaken to its very core every single time you have to deal with one of these heavier types of storm clouds.


    As  said at the top of this article, I believe that you can help keep quite a bit of this heavier dark side activity from ever coming your way in the first place. There are  plenty of good articles in this site ( giving you the specific information and knowledge you will need to keep yourself at least partially protected from the pure evil that could come your way in this life like learning how to live in a full surrender with the Lord, learning how to fully trust Him with every aspect of your life, learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit, and learning how to engage with the enemy by using appropriate spiritual warfare operating under God’s anointing and leadings to be able to do so.



    However, even the best of God’s true soldiers will have to face heavy adversity in this life from time to time. Just study the lives of some of the greatest saints in the Bible, and look at some of the severe adversity that each one of them had to personally face in their lives. The apostle Paul is a perfect example. In my opinion, I believe Paul was the greatest of all of the New Testament apostles, and he literally had to face hell and high water – and that was after he was saved and working full time for the Lord!


    The revelation and knowledge that is in these three basic reasons and verses I will list below is once again something that every Bible-believing Christian Church should be preaching and teaching about on an occasional basis.


    There are some Christians who are living defeated and joyless lives in the Lord because they could never understand why God has allowed some of these trials and tribulations to come their way in the first place.


    Their personal faith levels in the Lord have been severely shaken and they are no longer able to fully trust the Lord with the handling of their lives. As a result, many of these people have either lost their true calls in the Lord, or they have never found out what their true calls may have been in Him since they no longer fully trust Him to lead their lives. And all of this is occurring because no one has ever attempted to take the time to sit down with them to try and fully explain this part of our walk with the Lord and why it has to occur in the first place.


    Valleys, trials, tribulations, conflicts, and adversities are all a part of this life and all a part of our walk with the Lord. As such, this should be something that should be talked about and taught on so the flock can be properly prepared and equipped to handle any kind of adversity that may come knocking on their doors – no matter how uncomfortable this topic may make others in the congregation.





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