A Prayer For Israel

    • Heavenly Father, Protector and Redeemer of Israel,thank you so much for your grace and mercy. I pray for Your continued blessings upon Israel. Shield her with Your mercy and spread over her Your protecting peace.  Bestow the light of Your truth upon her leaders and direct them by Your good counsel.  Sustain the hands of those who build and defend the Holy Land.  Grant peace within her borders and security to all her inhabitants.


      I confess over Israel:
      The Lord is your Rock, and your Fortress, and your Deliverer;  your GoD, your Strength,  your Buckler,  and the Horn of  your Salvation, and your High Tower.  
      (Psalm 18)

      Lord I ask for Your peace and protection over all Eretz Yisrael  [the land and people of Israel].  Lord grant peace and comfort to the grieving families and friends of members of the coalition forces who've lost their  lives defending

      Lord have mercy and give protection to the troops, civilian personnel,  and  citizens who are caught in the cross fire --  who desire to live in  peace.  

       Lord expose those hidden weapons of mass destruction throughout the Middle East. 
      Lord expose and bring to light those underground tunnels which are used to smuggle weapons to be used against Israel and the coalition forces.
      Lord I pray that all terrorist strongholds to be broken.
       Lord raise up leaders in Israel who will not seek to divide the land.  

       Lord bless the people of Israel  with  added  strength,  moral courage, and protection. Help them to stand in Jesus' name. Amen.