Don Taylor




Aborted Babies

  • Women Liberties maintain aborted babies
    It's the women right to guillotine?
    Your accident can be reserved for waste?

    If a men shots a women who is pregnant
    You have a double murder
    But if a women aborts a baby that's okay?

    Is there something wrong?
    In this picture I do see it
    Claiming you are spiritual?

    Are you living under God's guidance?
    If you had to face God what would you say?
    I know You would do the something?

    God doesn't delight in aborted babies
    For He has a chart for little babies
    Is your way loftier then God's?

    Did you make everything in seven days?
    Do you have all the wisdom?
    Do you have all the knowledge?

    Am I going crazy?
    Your temple is your temple?
    Fear God who can take your soul!

    I don't hate people that abort their babies
    I just hate there are aborted babies
    The babies shouldn't pay for your mistake

    The Senate thinks aborted babies are okay
    A lot of so called experts agree too
    But they are just man

    You can have aborted babies
    The cost is your mental health
    Guilt will be inside after you abort a baby

    A couple years after you will see a children
    And you will think about your aborted baby
    Your conscience will make you mad

    For your sake repent
    Jesus wants to use you for His glory
    Don't give Satan any glory