Don Taylor




Fake Healers

  • I won't be tricked with your show
    Some announce you as a faith healer but you are fake
    Your teachings are heretical doctrines

    You proclaim you laid on a grave
    You said you received her gifting
    You say you healing people because of this

    Where in the Bible does it mention that?
    You said to me I am condemned to hell
    Is this Biblical doctrine?

    You preached that I won't partake of God's blessings
    Preaching God forsaken me because you know I'm right
    Is this sound doctrine?

    Where in the Word does it teach this teaching?
    Bring fear to these who are Scriptural illiterate
    I can't judge your eternal destiny
    Only your teachings

    You know what Paul wrote to Bera
    He bragged about the Bereans
    They acquired the Gospel
    Examining the Scriptures
    Seeing if what Paul said was true

    I am concerned about you
    Before the Throne
    The Father will judge you harshly
    I don't want to see that happen to anyone

    Your conscience has been scorched with a hot iron
    You robbed yourself of truth
    You cogitate God for financial gain

    You fulfilling prophecy
    In later times some will discontinue the Gospel
    Ensure trickery things instructed by demons
    Teachings that comes through hypocritical liars

    You have unhealthy interest in controversies
    Dissension about words that result in malicious talk
    Constant friction between men of Biblical minds
    You say of men with Biblical minds that they are wrong
    You say this message of your followers to cover up lies

    I will finish off with this assertion
    You suit your desires
    You communicate to others your myths