God message to his love ones.



    What actually happens when I commit to following Jesus?

    This is a tremendously important question. Most of us have very incomplete knowledge of what’s involved in the transformed life at the time of our decision to follow Christ. But it is essential that we quickly grow in that understanding.

    According to the Bible we are ‘’born again’’ when we take certain steps in faith:

    • Acknowledge we have been separated from God—living independently from him—and repent for staying separated.  (‘’ Repent’’ means to stop and completely change direction.)
    • Turn towards God and away from our former way of living
    • Personally, and verbally, ask Jesus Christ to be our Saviour—receiving him as the one who by his death, burial and resurrection made it possible to come back to God.
    • Give ourselves fully to him; recognizing is Lord—the one who is entitled to all authority in our lives.
    • God will not forsake you and me if we love him and accept him completely in our life’s and outreach to serve God and Man. Praise the Lord-Amen