Know Your temperament

  • The Choleric (LION) temperament . cholerics make decisions quickly and confidently and will not easily change their minds. They have difficulty in admiting they have made a mistake. They can be very stubbon and stick to their opinions just to prove a point. They thrive on activities. Are determined to make a success of every thing they set their minds on.They have a great potential to do great when motivated by worthy goals.Their confident leadership qualities and optimistic ways of looking at life can give a sence of security and appreciation.




    -likes to try new things

    -Sets goals and gets things done

    -Makes decision with confidence

    -Self disciplined

    -A natural leader

    -Likes action

    -Likes the positive side of things



    -Strong willed (stubborn)

    -Wants to control others


    -Lacks sympathy for others

    -Self sufficient and self confident

    -Forceful in getting things done

    -Likes to argue

    -Quick tempered


    Apostle Paul was like lion, who , when wrongly directed , caused alot of suffering for those he oppsed. As a transformed servant of Christ his forcefulness and inflexibility resulted in conflict with is partners, Barnabas and John Mark. On te other hand the compassion and sensitivity of Christ at work in him was evident through out his long and powerful ministry.


    If you are of this kind of temperament, may God transform and use you for his glory as a natural leader.


    We will next look at the Sanguine( Monkey) partner.