• The Upright Thumb

    Posted August 8 by Everton Bascoe

    Read: Genesis 6:11-22 Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. —Genesis 6:8 According to an African fable, four fingers and a thumb lived together on a hand. They were inseparable friends. One day, they noticed a gold ring lying next to them and conspired to take it. The thumb said i...

  • YET another plea for Christ

    Posted August 8 by M D

    Hear me and hear me well, folks. Jesus will come back in the not so distant future. He will take all of His children, God's children, back home to where we really belong: Heaven with God our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. If we do not have our hearts right with God we will not se...

  • Free audio sermons

    Posted August 8 by Brad Price

    Free audio sermons are now available every Monday-Friday in the free sermon podcast from http://www.abiblecommentary.com/audiosermon/   These free Christian audio sermons are also available on Itunes at http://bit.ly/1iXODli plus a free sermon app for Android at http://bit.ly/1z3Jv7r


    Posted August 8 by Raymond Logan

    SATAN'S SALE Some time ago I heard a story about Satan's garage sale. On display stood many large, shiny, complicated tools. Each was labeled with a tag such as: MURDER, ADULTERY, HATE, STRIFE, etc. Yet in one corner sat a tiny, dull, simple tool with a very high price attached. When asked why th...

  • Just Words

    Posted August 8 by Jeff Carr

    Just Words        Imagine if you will, God has been spending a lot of time with you, and in that time, He had messages for all to read.  Now imagine, some of those messages were very hard core, leaving nothing to the imagination, so there is no room for confusion.&n...

  • Walk in the light

    Posted August 8 by Raymond Sgambati

    WALK IN THE LIGHT John 11:9 "Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world." JOHN 11:9-10 Jesus compares His decision to return to Judaea to a man traveling during the day. Daytime travel doesn't gua...

  • Psalm 119 Part 1

    Posted August 7 by M D

    Psalm 119   Introduction Welcome to my next Chapter Study which encompasses the entirety of Psalm 119. This Psalm is unique in that it is THE longest chapter of any book in the Bible. The 119th Psalm consists of 22 separate 8 verse sections. The KJV Bible where I read it doesn’t contai...

  • Difficult People

    Posted August 7 by Everton Bascoe

    Read: Ephesians 4:1-12 Walk worthy of the calling with which you were called . . . bearing with one another in love. —Ephesians 4:1-2 In the book God in the Dock, author C. S. Lewis describes the kind of people we have trouble getting along with. Selfishness, anger, jealousy, or o...

  • Hosea 3:1- Cakes of Raisins

    Posted August 6 by Sache Rodney

    And the LORD said to me, “Go again, love a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress, even as the LORD loves the children of Israel, though they turn to other gods and love cakes of raisins.” (Hosea 3:1 ESV) Again Hosea allows us a glimpse of God’s unwavering ...


    Posted August 6 by anne jayasuriya

    “…a thorn in the flesh was given to me…” (2 Corinthians 12:7)   What is a thorn? The American Heritage Dictionary says that a thorn is a modified branch in the form of a sharp, woody spine. It can cause sharp pain, irritation, or discomfort.   Have you ev...