• There is an orphan crisis in Uganda. Currently the country is home to nearly 3.4 million children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty and civil conflict. In fact, Uganda has the largest orphan population per capita of any countr...  more
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    This group allows you to be filled with God the Father, God the Son who is our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit which descends like a dove. Be with us and be with 3 persons in one God. Be blessed, be amazed. Be with us! MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!
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    help each other
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    What did Jesus meant when he said until ur grignoteuses exceed that of the pharisees u cannot enter the kingdom of God. can one christain be more righteous than the other. please join me find answers and more to this questions
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    God from the begining has wanted to live in man and fulfil purpose but he wanted man to recognize that he couldn't fulfil purpose without him. this is why Adam failed. He was a test specie to prove to man that he couldn't do without God. Now Jesus is the ...  more
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    Are you hurt, Are you unable to Forgive others, Are you unable to Forget the Hurts Please contact me , We can discuss and prayer about it.
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    To encourage fellow Christians in their daily walk with Christ, through graphic scripture, encouragement postings and advertising
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    we pray for members all over the it says pray without season.