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Getting Involved


We would like to invite you to join us as we share the good news of Jesus to the nations of the world! InChrist has created several "Outreach Teams," these teams are groups of people committed to sharing the gospel on a specific day of the week. For example, InChrist has a "Monday Outreach Team." Those that have joined the team are people from all around the world who have made a commitment to share the gospel each Monday over the internet or in person.


We need your help. We need ordinary people to join us in stepping out and sharing Jesus love. To join all you have to do is:


1) Choose a day on which you will share the gospel
2) Click on the team that corresponds with the day chosen:

Monday Team - Click Here To Join
Tuesday Team - Click Here To Join
Wednesday Team - Click Here To Join
Thursday Team - Click Here To Join
Friday Team - Click Here To Join
Weekend Team - Click Here To Join


Please understand that you do not have to meet up with anyone. Just go and share the gospel on the day you have chosen all tell us how things go. We will use your praise reports to encourage even more to join.