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Things to avoid at InChrist:

The raising of funds. Giving money to those who ask you.

Affiliate marketing

Giving away your email or emailing those who send you a message asking you to email them

Slander of Christians, or Christian leaders


InChrist is building a dating module and  at times facilitates discussions centering around dating. Since this can be picked up by scammers on the web, sometimes InChrist is targeted by those seeking to exploit dating services. People who give you their email and ask you to contact them outside of InChrist without first being your friend for a week are probably such scammers. InChrist usually removes such people within minutes of joining InChrist.

Avoid people who:

  1. Ask you to contact them outside of InChrist
  2. Seek a webcam chat outside of InChrist
  3. Fall in love with you at first sight and want you to email them
  4. Ask you for a loan that they will pay back very soon
  5. Seek to raise funds for starving children in another country (popular tactic of scammers)

You can report any such activity to us by visiting the profile of the person contacting you and clicking the "Report" button.

How To Use InChrist