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Is it right in the Lord's sight to condemn Bible versions. Is K

I hear most kjv radicals call nlt and niv versions false because of the structure of verses and declare war on other versions besides the kjv because of its originality. If unbelievers see us behaving this way, what would they say about us and the Bible? Has the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, told the church that the only Bible that is true is kjv and that those who use niv and the others are g
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  • Ted Petrovits
    Ted Petrovits even the KJV has been altered to a degree, there is a KJV1611 and they took out a few books, you can get the E-sword Bible and compare...I do use the KJV myself but I know it is a bit harder to understand...There is only one Bible I have heard of that I w...  more
    August 20, 2012
  • Maxine Hayward
    Maxine Hayward So far, I have stuck with KJV, NKJV, and NIV. I done some comparisons with The New Living Translation to the ones I have been reading and in some of the books in the New Living things were added on and in the wrong verse. So I now completely avoid the New...  more
    October 21, 2012
  • Dr Charles L Rogers
    Dr Charles L Rogers I use to be one that held to the KJV only idea - then God opened my eyes. For some the KJV may very hard to read and understand as they are going in Christ, therefore another version may feed the hunger they have for the Word. I feel God revealed to me th...  more
    March 22, 2013